Tips for keeping new year resolutions

We have all been there when we say we will commit to a new year resolution. However, in reality, it is never achieved. Here are five tips that will help you stay on track for 2018.

1.Keep a journal

Writing down your goals in a journal or planner signals commitment to the resolution, reminding you of the goal in mind. With a journal, you can efficiently outline how you plan on reaching your target. Tracking progress and including motivational quotes will keep you on the right path.

2. Find support in close ones

It is hard to keep a resolution when there is no one to keep you accountable. Communicate with close ones so they can support you. Whether it be your friends or family, by opening up and informing them of your objective, they can motivate you as well as offer valuable advice. When you find yourself losing sight of the goal, your companions can help you get back on track.

3. Have fun

No one said that reaching your goals shouldn’t be fun. Enjoy working towards your goal by finding ways to have a great time while being productive. For instance, placing yourself along with others with the same goal will inspire you and push yourself to make it to your destination, with joyful memories included.

4. Take it slow

Whether it be earning better grades or losing weight, the key to accomplishing these types of goals is to realize that they will take a long time to achieve. No changes are going to be made overnight. Hence, take small steps so that you can manage to stick with your resolution and the results will definitely follow.

5. Realize that mistakes will happen

No one is perfect. That is why it is important to realize that keeping a resolution will bring many hardships along the way. We are human and we make mistakes; it happens to everyone. So do not feel down about an accidental slip-up and instead resume your mission to carrying out your resolution.