Tracy Walla, Staff

“I wanted to be a teacher when I was even just a small child, so that was always something I’ve been thinking about. I used to play as a teacher at home when I was little. Then in high school, I realized I was really interested in science, so I had both those passions. In college, I pursued a degree in biology with the intention of becoming a science teacher, then I earned my teaching credential and that’s how I became one. I also really like working with kids and helping to share the knowledge and build their skills for life. I think it’s important that they have good teachers at school, and since I’m a mom, I also feel like I bring some of that into my classrooms. I feel that I offer a good balance of being a person who cares about who my students are, as well teaching them the science. I enjoy being here and working with high school students and watching them grow throughout the years,” science teacher Tracy Walla said.