The Mixed Bag of Woodbridge

Students reveal the contents of their bags

Photo by Emily Manton

Maddie Zavala, Freshman

Q: Do you think your bag will change from now until senior year?

A: I think I will carry less, because I won’t need as much and be more organized.

Q: What is the most interesting thing you have in your bag?

A: Random keychains, bubbles, lip balm, stuff that I forgot to take out.

Q: Do you think your backpack is a good representation of what other freshman have in their bags?

A: I think I carry more than the average freshman because I kind of  forget to take things out.

Q: How much stuff would you ideally carry?

A: My phone, planner and a pencil.

Q: Why do you have a pile of random papers?

A: Because I’m too lazy to get out my folders.

Q: If you had to carry one more thing, what would it be?

A: My math book, because I always forget it, but I need it everyday.




Photo by Emily Manton

Andrew Huang, Sophomore

Q: Do you think your bag will change from now until senior year?

A: No, I think it’ll pretty much be the same. It’ll be as messy as it is now. Even with the class schedule change, I think.

Q: What is the most interesting thing you have in your bag?

A: The most interesting thing I have in my bag is probably the Dinomite. It was given to me by my friend Yujin, and it’s pretty funny actually. Because we named it after [these two friends] because we shipped them together.

Q: Do you think your backpack is a good representation of what other sophomores have in their bags?

A: Yeah, we pretty much carry a lot of random stuff and lots of textbooks.

Q: Is what you have now a good representation of what you have everyday?

A: Yeah, pretty much. It’s pretty much the same with the water bottle, textbooks, binders, random stuff and Julius Caesar.

Q: How much stuff would you ideally carry?

A: [If I could,] maybe half this amount, because I have to carry this amount so my back is getting weak.

Q: Why do you carry herbal supplements?

A: Just in case I get a stomachache.

Q: Why do you carry two calculators?

A: One’s for graphing and one for normal calculation stuff. Also, sometimes my friends borrow them, because they forget to bring their calculators.

Q: Why do you carry a robotics medal?

I forgot to take it out, because I’m too lazy. We’re going to regionals, yay! Gotta promote!




Photo by Jessie Chau

Joseph Faza, Junior

Q: Why do you have a bowtie and a tape in your bag?  

A: Well, you can just use tape everyday. You can use it for anything. Also, I have campaigning. I have a bowtie because it for mock trial and I was too lazy to put it away. I mean, you can always look fancy.

Q: Tell me about the different hygiene products you carry.

A: I have mints, breath spray and a mouthwash. They’re for different uses. Sprays are for a quick go. Mouthwash is for morning, you know, just in case, when you forget in the morning. Mints taste pretty good.

Q: What type of food do you carry in your bag?

A: Generally I just have small snacks. Granola bars, Nature Valley from Costco.

Q: How many notebooks do you carry?

A: I carry usually notebooks for every subject because I don’t like carrying them to my locker. It’s all the way in the A [building], pretty far. They’re important because you stay organized for each classes.

Q: Which textbook do you carry?

A: I carry my Spanish textbook because it’s the only one that requires me to bring to class everyday.

Q: What kind of writing utensils do you have?

A: I have three different colored pens, pencils, erasers and highlighters for all uses. I annotate with them, correct papers, or write essays in class.

Q: What are the most important things in your bag?

A: It would probably be the snacks, because I get really moody when I’m hungry. I need it to maintain my mood and calmness. I always have a snack ready.

Q: What do you like about your bag?

A: I like how it has a lot of pockets, and it’s really comfortable to wear with its padding on the back. Nice style.



Photo by Jessie Chau

Hope Hofseth, Senior

Q: What’s your most prized possession and important thing in your purse?

A: My wallet, because it has everything I need, like my license, my ID and my money. So if I were to lose that, it would be devastating.

Q: Why do you carry chapsticks and other cosmetics?

A: It’s like something that’s essential throughout the day; you can just touch up. Chapstick is super important-always got to have moisturized lips!

Q: Throughout the years, do you carry less and less things in your purse?

A: I can definitely tell that I’m carrying a lot less stuff and the things I’m carrying have changed. Basically a lot of it is for school, more for daily life, like my keys, headphones and chapsticks. It’s not really school based.

Q: As a senior, are notebooks still necessary?

A: As a senior, I’m only taking five classes, four of them academic. I don’t have many assignments, and I wouldn’t need many supplies for the class.

Q: Has there been any challenges with carrying less to school?

A: The biggest issue would be forgetting something because I don’t put it in my bag, but it doesn’t happen too often because I just don’t need as many things. Other than my purse, I carry my water bottle.

Q: Do you carry any food in your purse?

A: Yeah! I usually carry my gum, the peppermint-flavored one. It’s really good. I also usually have a granola bar or fruit snacks I eat during class.