Fine Arts Day

Fine Arts Day returns to WHS to showcase the creativity on campus for 2018

Artists display impromptu pieces for the student body to display.

With vibrant artwork bolstered on display boards and students gesticulating with liveliness during performances, students experienced the rich art culture on campus through Fine Arts Day on March 9. The school-wide event occurs just once a year as a chance for students of the visual and performing arts program to exhibit what they have learned and practiced to their peers.

“I love having teachers come through and seeing students’ work… so they can see their talents outside of the classroom,” visual arts teacher and Fine Arts Day host of five years Matthew Takeno said. “Every year we do something different, and we tweak little things. There’s always something different that we try and sometimes we keep it and sometimes we don’t.”

The event featured numerous pieces from instrumental groups on campus including percussion ensemble, jazz band and string orchestra. Additionally, Bel Canto and Entertainers choir both performed multiple acapella songs, including the iconic musical tune “Hallelujah” along with famous works from The Beatles.

I really enjoy all of the different kinds of art [at Fine Arts Day],” Entertainers choir member and junior Ray Tian said. “People can make art, and people can also perform for [others] like in dance and music.”

The event also featured a walk-in art gallery, showcasing paintings from students in studio art, pottery from students in ceramics and art wall galleries with collections of paintings from students in advanced art. Production groups on campus such as yearbook and Warrior TV also made an appearance.

I like [Fine Arts Day] because the viewer gives art purpose. It’s really nice to have reassurance knowing that other people get to appreciate [your art].

— Nisien Notario

Additionally, the event included a wide range of performances from Improv groups accompanied by actors from the drama program. Performances included a wide variety of interactive comedic improv games as well as a dramatic piece performed by advanced actor and senior Valerie Perez. Drama teacher Cassandra Goana and Improv coach Devin Dugan led the advanced acting and improvised activities.

Once again, Fine Arts Day served as a creative outlet for many talented students on campus to express their craft indicating the presence of numerous gifted Woodbridge High students.

“My favorite part [of Fine Arts Day] is having the kids be able to celebrate their work,” Takeno said.