Elizabeth Sun, Junior

”I think people always think I’m kind of a nerd and that all I do is study, but that’s not true because I still like have fun time and time. Also, I like to try new things but many think I am close-minded in life and in reality I am not afraid to try anything. My life philosophy is that I try to do everything, which is kind of bad at times but I try not to think of what other people think of me like when I started taking A.P. European History. Before I even started, people judged me but I believe it is important to do things that I am passionate about and not what others dictate to me. This is one thing that I  learned because in the past I have stopped doing things I wanted to do because people told me it was a waste of time, like learning German. Additionally, I try to balance my work and play schedule by having time to dance to truly de-stress and be happy. As said by my Honors American Literature teacher, ‘What do you use when words fail you?’ I dance,” junior Elizabeth Sun said.