Grant Ward, Senior

“I would say my philosophy for life is to just be kind and treat others the way that I want to be treated. Since freshman year, I have tried to befriend anybody I can and help others in any way that I possibly can, and through that, I’ve been able to receive that kindness and help back and it really made my life a lot more enjoyable. It’s nice, I don’t have any enemies, I don’t have anybody that I hate and they hate me back. I’m good with everybody and it’s not like one of those fake things where I say I’m good but really in the corner, I hate them. In reality, I’m good with everybody and I can sit down and eat food with anybody and not be awkward, not be uncomfortable. It’s just great! The reason why is because I treat others well and that’s my goal. I think that one of the keys to happiness is surrounding yourself with people who bring you up, and people will help bring you up if you bring them up as well. It’s all a mutual benefit, so that’s kinda the main thing I try to live my life by, is be kind,” senior Grant Ward said.