Dancing Back in Time

The art of jazz swing dance swept students off their feet on Friday, May 4

With flashing neon lights, colorful attire and lively music, the annual Jazz Swing Dance, held on May 4, was a night of laughter, fun and loads of dancing.
Students experienced the excitement in learning swing dance, which originated in Harlem, New Yor

Photo by Connor Schwengel
Attendees dance the night away in the dark night illuminated by intricate lighting in the music quad.

k, from experienced instructors and came together into a large circle and followed along to the instructors’ steps, rotating partners as they went along. The eagerness and enthusiasm radiating off of the participants created an air of energetic enjoyment that helped contribute to the lively entertainment of the night.
“The most fun part of this event is when they played live music, and everyone got in the middle and just had fun and danced with new people,” senior Rowan Biggs said.
Because swing dance typically goes with jazz music, the jazz band put together a series of songs after the instruction that encouraged participants to get on the colorfully lighted dance floor and practice the new dance they just learned.
“As a musician, I love to play music and see everyone dancing and reacting to the music that we’re playing,” senior Brandon Krichman said.
The instructors shared their passion for swing dance with the student dancers and encouraged participants to learn the dance with new people as they followed along to a step by step visual instruction.
“The best advice I have for those who want to get involved in swing dance is to just come out and dance,” swing dance instructor Hannah Manning said. “Don’t only take lessons but also go out to social events and dance all night and dance with everybody.”
The dance was held from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. However, students remained on the dance floor practicing their newly acquired swing dance routine far after the event was concluded.
The delicious desserts, the energetic attendees and the unique theme of the dance all helped make the event an exhilaratingly fun filled night for many.

Photo by Connor Schwengel
Jazz band synchronizes upbeat melodies below vibrant spotted lights.