Stop, Drop and Dodge

Students and teachers battled it out on the dodgeball court in the annual Woodbridge Dodgeball Tournament.


As the final round was played on April 26, the members of America’s Finest, the student dodgeball team consisting of seniors Danielle Lee, Kylie McBride, Kyle Giberson, Wesley Hill, James Durant, Jackson Lyon and Scott Armstrong, claimed victory over the teacher team, Space Evaders, amidst a crowd of cheering students and teachers celebrating the Woodbridge Dodgeball Tournament finalists.

This past April, students and teachers alike packed into the gym to cheer on their favorite teams in the annual dodgeball tournament. The competition was an intense, yet friendly, event. It is one of the largest school sports events, involving many Warriors in school spirit. Junior and boys’ athletic commissioner Tony Kam planned the tournament.

“A lot of teachers and students have been talking about it,” Kam said. “They think that this is the [most hyped] dodgeball tournament ever.”

The final student match took place April 21 after the Air Guitar talent show in the small gym. Lyon thought all the games were competitive but made easy by his team’s amazing teamwork. They worked together flawlessly, vocalizing plays and passing balls to one another.

“[The game] was no big deal; together we won,” Lyon said.

According to Lyon, his team had a bond because of their shared baseball experience and team chemistry. In the students’ championship, they competed against another team consisting of students from the same baseball team, GTM. It was an intense game, with America’s Finest barely winning. Hill placed further emphasis on teamwork, remaining grateful for his teammates and competition. Hill was proud of his team’s ability to work together, especially in the student-teacher game.

“It was a good team effort; everyone did a great job today,” Hill said.  “The Space Evaders were a tough team.”

This year’s tournament was also filled with firsts, including the first teacher tournament, with the teachers displaying amazing athleticism. It was also the largest tournament, with over 240 participants, according to Kam.

Space Evaders member and education specialist Nicholas Card expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to play despite losing the student-teacher championship.

“I had a lot of fun,” Card said,  “The student team was really good.”

The tournament garnered schoolwide attention, with over a hundred students watching the games daily, celebrating school spirit and athleticism, as students and teachers cheered on their friends, screamed for their department or played with teammates.