DIY: Old Trends Never Die

Make a statement with this DIY throwback tie-dye fashion trend


Photo by Sarra Hassen

Tie-dye shirts are making a comeback as a throwback fashion trend.


1. Set up: spread a plastic table cover and a layer of paper towels over your work surface.

2. Prepare the fabric: fill a bucket with one gallon of water, then stir in one packet of soda ash until it dissolves. Then, soak the fabric for 20 minutes and wring out excess moisture. Do not rinse.

3. Create the dye mixture: add warm water to the prepped dye bottles, filling the bottles all the way to the top. Shake vigorously for one minute until the dye dissolves completely. Let the dye sit for 15 minutes and then shake again for one minute before use.

4. Dye fabric: using the rubber bands, bind the shirt by pulling the fabric up from the center, then gather, bind and continue
binding like so throughout the t-shirt. Apply dye on the fabric for a bullseye design and check that the dye penetrates the folds.

5. Wrap, let sit, rinse: cover the dyed fabric with a plastic wrap to keep the fresh dye damp. Let the shirt sit with the wrap for seven hours or longer for a better effect. Then, rinse well with water until excess dye is removed. Wash and dry the fabric separately in hot water for the first few washes.